Tyusan – Live Online Classes

Tutor FAQ's

Tyusan is an online platform which helps tutors find new students by allowing you to advertise your tuition services. We help you to manage all of your bookings in one place so you can focus on tutoring and grow your business.

If you are a tutor, creating your Tyusan profile is completely free!

To make it as simple as possible, we allow you to set your own hourly rate within the specified slab based on your subject and experience and the cost which the student pays. For each hour taught, you will receive between 70% and 75% of the total cost as Tyusan take a platform fee of between 25% and 30% of the total cost. 

The rate of our platform fee is based on how many hours of tutoring you have taught with us:

30% – Up to 300 hours taught

25% – 300+ hours taught

Our platform fee rate falls over time to reflect our commitment to rewarding the best tutors as they work with us to grow their tuition business.

One of the best things about being a private tutor is the flexibility you have to tutor as much or as little as you want to, whenever you want to!

We respect about every Tutors’s business and want to ensure that you receive the best service possible. Our Customer Success Team are always here to help with any queries you might have, to ensure that you have the best experience possible and achieve your business goals.

You can contact our Customer Success Team by phone on +91 9951 29 0295 between 9AM and 11PM Monday to Sunday.

If you would like to email us, you can do so at sales@hummingapps.in – please be aware that we aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours so for more urgent queries please give us a call! 📞